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The context behind the Lodge Farm website

A toilet hire business is definitely a unique project. This site is the updated design of my original design made 2 years ago. The site pushes the luxury side of the brand further.

The design has been finished and incorporates plant prints in a light gold to add that hint of class. I suggested adding customer stories to the site as a romantic type of social proof. A potential customer can put themselves inside the story and match it to what they want for their wedding or party.

Click on the image on the right to see the full design.

Please note, due to this design not being a live site it’s not responsive.


Where the design started

Art Deco Inspiration for Web Design

Art deco inspiration was used to gain the geometric gold borders. This design style helped to bring a decadent feel to the site.

Flower drawing inspiration for toilet hire web design

Drawings of plants were used to bring a classic feel to the site. Older traditions are a big part of the business due to the toilets often being used at weddings.

Vicary Plant

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Website design & build

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