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The context behind the ViewPoint website

ViewPoint approached me to re-design their site to modernise and push higher conversions. They sell feedback devices across the world to establishments from a local supermarket to international airports to SpaceX.

The brief was to create PDFs demonstrating the products and completely redesign the website. By working with their team I developed a design everyone was happy with for both parts of the project. Once the designs were finished I moved onto building the site, this was done relatively quickly. I therefore had to keep a keen eye on quality control throughout this sped up process.

Once launched there was an increase in traffic and improvement in bounce rates. Not to mention the time spent on the site by customers increased. Take a look at the site here!

The process

From early designs to inspiration

ViewPoint Old Web Design

A lot of experimentation with colour happened to find the perfect combination. This is an earlier design using orange rather than the final blue.

viewpoint pulse feedback device

One of ViewPoint’s products. The graphics they use on the products were naturally a big inspiration for the website.

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